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Thursdays beginning at 3:00 PM

No electronic recording devices or cell phones are allowed in the Court Room. 

Casey Dunlap

Court Clerk

The Court Clerk is not permitted by law to give Legal Advice.

Presiding Officials

Sheri Bell Beyer

Arcade Village Justice

Brian Burton

Associate Village Justice

Appearing in Court

  • You must appear in person on the date directed if you are given a criminal appearance ticket from police or if you received a notice to appear from the Court. Requests for adjournment will not be considered within 72 hours of the scheduled appearance. 
  • If you have recently moved or changed your phone number, please notify the Court Clerk of your updated contact information.

Responding to Traffic Tickets

To handle a traffic ticket, you need to review your ticket to determine if it is a “Misdemeanor” or a “Traffic Infraction”. 

All “Misdemeanor” tickets require an in person appearance. 

If the “Traffic Infraction” box is checked, you can handle the ticket by appearing in person or by mail.

  • We encourage you to review the information listed below in the traffic infractions guide and then enter your plea via mail.  You may appear in person on the date listed on your ticket and the Court will accept your plea in person.  Once you enter a plea by mail, you do not need to appear in person unless you receive further direction from the Court.  
  • The Town Prosecutor will reach out to those individuals who enter a plea of not guilty and offer the opportunity to handle the ticket by mail without an appearance.  You will receive a response from the Town Prosecutor in 4-6 weeks.  
  • Should you choose not to accept a plea offer, you will be given the opportunity to appear in court for a trial on a future date.

Information for Individuals Charged with Traffic Infractions:Traffic Infractions Guide

Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation.

Public Defender

Wedding Ceremonies

  • Both Justices are available to perform marriage ceremonies by appointment.
  • Please contact the Court Clerk during normal office hours to schedule an appointment.
  • 2 witnesses over the age of 18
  • Your marriage license
  • An appointment made by the Court Clerk.


Ways to Pay

  • Payments may be made in person during normal business hours.
  • After Hours Drop Off – Use the secure drop box located outside the Police Department/Court Office door located at 17 Church Street.
  • Mail payments to – Court Clerk  17 Church Street  Arcade, NY  14009

Accepted Payment Types

  • Cash
  • Money Orders, certified or bank draft checks payable to Arcade Justice Court. We do NOT accept personal checks
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express) are accepted.  Credit cards cannot be accepted over the phone.
    • A service fee is added to all credit card payments.  Please note that neither the Court or the municipality receive any portion of the service fee.
  • Online :
  1. Use the first option on the left-hand side “Pay a Traffic Ticket” Choose this option even if your ticket has been reduced to a parking ticket.
  2. Enter your ticket or case number, your last name and date of birth then follow the steps.

Fax:  Return your completed fine notice or the Credit Card Payment Form Fax it to us at (585) 492-3052 

A receipt will be mailed to you upon payment of any fine. If you do not receive a receipt, please contact the court clerk

Landlords, Tenants, and Eviction notices

Information on Landlords, Tenants, and Eviction notices:   NYS Landlord / Tenant Guides 

Filings are being accepted for evictions.  You must contact the Court Clerk for a date prior to filing. 

Small Claims

  • The maximum claim allowed is $3,000.00
  • The individual being sued must reside or have a place of business in the Town or Village of Arcade.
  • Filing fees:
    • $10.00 – If the claim is for $1-$1000
    • $15.00 – If the claim is for $1001-3000.
    • Filing fees are due at time of application
  • Guide to Small Claims (Link to PDF of Small Claims Booklet)
  • Forms to file a small claims case are available in person from the Court Clerk or by clicking here: Small Claims Handbook

Court Document Downloads

Frequently Asked Questions

The driver responsibility assessment is a fee you must pay to DMV over a three year period if you are convicted of certain traffic offenses in New York State or accumulate 6 or more points on your driving record within 18 months. This fee is in addition to any fines, penalties or surcharges that you must pay for a traffic conviction. The purpose of the assessment is to prevent the repeated behavior of problem drivers and to improve traffic safety.
Find more information here:

If you are convicted of a moving violation, points are assessed to your license. Points are not assessed by the Court, they are administrative penalties assessed by the DMV. Find more information here:

A supporting deposition is a detailed sworn statement from the office that has information about why the ticket was given, the time and location of the stop, and other information about what happened.

If you do not answer a traffic ticket on time, your driver license may be suspended or a warrant for your arrest may be issued. It is a crime to drive with a suspended license.  A suspension for the failure to answer a ticket does not indicate that you are guilty of the charge.  The suspension only indicates that you failed to answer the ticket.  To remove the suspension, you must contact the court to answer the ticket and pay a $70 suspension termination fee

Contact Information

Fax: (585) 492-3052

17 Church Street, Arcade, NY 14009

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Thu - 12 pm to 4 pm​
Fri - By Appointment Only
Sat-Sun - Closed

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Credit Card Payments

Make utility or tax payments using Master Card, Discover, American Express, and VISA.

There is a 3% charge by the credit card vendor for this service. There is no dollar limit per transaction.

Click on the link below that you choose, it is fast, easy, and secure.