Wastewater Treatment (also known as Sewer)

The Sewer Department is comprised of the Chief Sewage Treatment Plant Operator and two Sewage Treatment Plant Operators.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant provides for the collection and treatment of wastewater received from residential, commercial, and industrial uses.  The wastewater system has 18 miles of sanitary sewers ranging from 8 to 15 inches in diameter, 3 pump stations, and about 800 service connections.  The original sewer lines were laid between 1939 and 1941 and a wastewater treatment plant was built on Hurdville Road.  In 1973, a new plant with twice the capacity of the old one was dedicated.

In addition to serving Village customers, the plant is connected to Arcade Valley Estates and to Pioneer Middle and High School in Yorkshire, NY.

The Village maintains the sewer mains and manholes.  The pipe from the street to the house is the responsibility of the property owner.

In 2004, the Village began a compost operation to eliminate wastewater sludge waste.  Compost is a mixture of wastewater treatment biosolids and wood chips and is approved for use as a soil conditioner and fertilizer for yards and flower gardens (not vegetable gardens).  Compost is sold to the public year-round but becomes a hot commodity in the spring of each year.

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17 Church Street, Arcade, NY 14009

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