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Contact Information
Arcade Police Department
17 Church Street
Arcade, NY  14009
Phone: (585) 492-3111
Voicemail: (585) 492-2300
Fax: (585) 492-3052

Matthew Krist
Police Chief


Dustin Brown


The Arcade Police Department is comprised of the Police Chief, Sergeant, 3 full time officers, 4 part time officers, a police clerk and five crossing guards.  The police department is located in the rear portion of the Arcade Village Office.

The Police Department serves a community of approximately 2200 people. The department provides 24-hour coverage for its residents that include the performance of the usual law enforcement duties along with numerous other service type functions. The PD does nightly property checks of businesses and unoccupied houses, assists motorists that lock themselves out of their cars, annually fingerprints the kindergartners for operation childfind, handles dog complaints, and handles traffic control for special events and parades.

Statistics for the Year 2020 include the following: 


Complaints Handled




down 28%


Motor Vehicle Accidents Handled




down 32%


Traffic Tickets Issued




down 24%


Felony Arrests




down 26%


Misdemeanor Arrests




down  5%


Violation Arrests




down 59%


Driving While Intoxicated Arrests




down 50%


Business doors found open/unlocked




down 50%


Vehicles unlocked




down 70%


Security checks of residences/owners away




down 62%


List of officers by rank as of 12/31/2019:

Chief Matthew Krist
Sergeant Dustin Brown
Officer Michael Lococo
Officer Jared Benkelman
Officer Vaughn Collingridge
Part Time Officer Eric Crawford
Part Time Officer Andrew Hyman
Part Time Officer Jeffrey Ely
Part Time Officer Eleanor Davis

Part Time Police Clerk Pam Crawford
Crossing Guard Kathy Landahl
Crossing Guard Claudia Miller
Crossing Guard Hillary Graham
Subsititue Crossing Guard Dave Miller


For sex offender information, please visit the following website:


Village of Arcade Office
17 Church Street
Arcade, NY  14009
Phone: (585) 492-1111
TDD: (800) 662-1220
Fax: (585) 496- 7444
Arcade Police Department
17 Church Street
Arcade, NY  14009
Phone: (585) 492-3111
Voicemail: (585) 492-2300
Fax: (585) 492-3052
Arcade Justice Court
17 Church Street
Arcade, NY  14009
Phone: (585) 492-4479
Fax: (585) 492-3052

17 Church Street, Arcade, NY  14009
Telephone:  (585) 492.1111 • Fax:  (585) 496.7444 • TDD:  (800) 662.1220
Web:  www.villageofarcade.org
Office Hours:  7:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday, except Holidays
The Village of Arcade is an equal opportunity provider and employer.  To file a complaint of discrimination write:
USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Ave. SW, Washington DC 20250-9410 or call
(800) 795-3272 (voice) or (202) 720-6382 (TDD)