Elected Officials

Donna Schiener - Mayor

The chief executive officer of the village is the mayor. The mayor is elected to a four-year term. It is the responsibility of the mayor to preside at the meetings of the board of trustees, to provide for the enforcement of all laws, local laws, rules, and regulations, to appoint department and non-elected officers and employees, to appoint one of the trustees as deputy mayor, to appoint individuals to fill vacancies in both elected and appointed officers when the vacancy occurs before the expiration of the term, and to execute all contracts in the village name.

I have lived within the village since July of 1984 with my husband Wally, and daughters Colby and Jaycie. I have always been active within the community with a focus on youth while my children were young as well as promoting local commerce and village activities and festivals. I was employed by Arcade Dental Arts for 19 years and for the past 29 years have been a real estate appraiser in the capacities of an Appraiser’s Assistant, Licensed and now Certified Residential Appraiser.

I have always been active in organizing and participating in events and charities as well as working on Village-centered activities within this rural area.

Always aspiring for a better community, I became a Village Trustee in 2009. My passion has always been to create and promote a community that is resident and visitor friendly with adequate pedestrian facilities, increased commerce, and extra-curricular events to showcase the historical, safe and fulfilling lifestyle of a small town.   Over the past fourteen years, I have been committed to the responsibility of budgetary concerns within our government as well as providing quality services to our residents. I was instrumental in upgrading the playground at the park, obtaining a Main Street Grant, Genesee Transportation Trail Study Grant as well as several other grants for the betterment of the Village.


One of my favorite quotes is from Eleanor Roosevelt, “I could not at any age be content to take my place in a corner by the fireside and look on.” As you can assume, sitting has never been one of my favorite pastimes!

Board of Trustees

Trustees are elected to a four-year term. Generally, the board of trustees has the management of village property and finances, may create or abolish by resolution local laws to address village concerns consistent with the constitution and New York State laws, and shall designate the depositaries for the deposit of money received by the village, accept dedicated streets, establish the village clerk’s office hours, and may contract for the furnishing of fire protection and emergency services.

The Village of Arcade Board of Trustees meets in the village board room at 7:00 PM on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Board meetings are open to the public and Village of Arcade residents are encouraged to attend.

Current Village of Arcade Board of Trustee members are:

I moved into the Village of Arcade in October 2000 with my husband Tom, a retired teacher from Pioneer Central School. Together we have 3 daughters, a son-in-law, and our favorite canine family member Carter Jane. My 3 children, son-in-law and I are Pioneer graduates. I have been a teacher at Arcade Elementary School since 1994, educating many village residents. We are proud to live in the Village of Arcade.

I was brought up by my parents to be a member of my community, whether it is work, religion, sports, or my children’s interests. I enjoy being involved. I have volunteered at St. Jude’s and St. Mary’s Church, Chaffee-Sardinia Fire Co, Arcade Little League Baseball, Arcade Wildcat Cheerleading, Arcade’s Barnyard Crew 4-H, Arcade Winterfest Committee, FOPA (Friends of Pioneer Athletes) and as a member of the Schenk/Schwartz Memorial Scholarship Committee.

Over the years I have watched our village community make many positive changes. My roll as a trustee is to make decisions so the Village of Arcade is an even better place to live. I look forward to making the parks even more inviting and working to create more opportunities for our youth.

I know some trustees come in with their own agenda and I have mine: to work for the taxpayers of the Village of Arcade and continue to make Arcade a wonderful place to be!

My ear is always available to listen to concerns from the residents of the village and bring them to the board for discussion and changes. Together we keep making the Village of Arcade great!

Latest Village Board Minutes & Agendas

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